Incident Management & Forensics

Your organization has been compromised. Now what? With Foreground Security backing you up, you won't second guess yourself.

Foreground Security allows clients to “stop the bleeding” and get back on the job through:

  • Internal/external crisis management and incident response, including the engagement of law enforcement
  • Conducting a “deep dive” into the intrusion to pinpoint and preserve digital forensic data and evidence
  • Reporting incidents to appropriate regulatory agencies
  • Developing actionable policy proposals as part of our lessons learned/procedure development cycle after the incident--and any potential for damage--has been contained.

Additional Support:

Network integrity testing and application threat modeling are critical to restoring confidence in your networks. At Foreground Security, we take pride in establishing “full awareness” by knowing everything that’s happening throughout the client enterprise structure.

All network traffic gets captured in the interest of automated alerting and monitoring. If there is live malware, we’ll find it, identify it and perform botnet analysis. We can even uncover where your attackers are physically located by analyzing the source of network attacks.

Inappropriate Activity - If your users are conducting inappropriate activity on the network, we’ll detect it and tell you what’s happening. These days, inside threats require full alert.

At Foreground Security, we give clients what they need to stop attacks in their tracks via effective counterintelligence tools and best practices.