Cyber Resilience / Business Continuity Planning

There is an overwhelming probability that your organization will eventually have a computer security incident. Responding appropriately to that incident is a complex task. Incidents can include but are not limited to unauthorized access, malicious code, network probes and denial of service attacks.

If you don't know how to respond to an attack it can cause additional delays until the situation becomes critical. You should have policies in place ahead of time so you can act promptly and effectively. An effective incident response program should include pre-incident preparation, detection and analysis, containment, mitigation and recovery, and a post-incident review.

We determine factors that could degrade operational performance by examining advanced adversary tactics and conducting a “crown jewel analysis” to understand how your networks communicate. We then customize a plan through which any future impacted systems can be isolated to contain damage and continue essential operations. We train your system architects and application developers to understand advanced persistent threats and bake resilience considerations into IT design and business continuity programs. With our robust solutions and architectures, your networks will not only survive, but thrive within ever-unpredictable security realities.

We not only work with you on your incident response program, we have training, hands-on exercises and real world scenarios to help effectively reduce the time and resources you put towards recovery efforts after an incident.