Security Architecture & Engineering Solutions

It’s all about resilience.

In the not so distant past, Enterprise Security meant protecting your organization’s perimeter and installing firewalls to keep intruders out. Pretty simple. Today however, applying such a narrow definition of Enterprise Security will inevitably lead to a security breach. It’s all about resilience now. How can organizations protect their data & brand while continuing critical functions in a high threat environment?

Constant Monitoring & Customized Solutions
Foreground Security delivers the level of protection required for today’s organizations by constantly monitoring for new security threats and providing customized solutions geared toward their specific needs. Our clients receive a custom ‘total package’ solution that covers security essentials tailored to their threat environment & risk appetite.

This can include:

  • Continuous monitoring for regulatory compliance and ‘best practices’ consultation
  • Securing the use of social media
  • Safeguarding valuable data assets
  • Protecting client reputation/trust
  • Integrating business technology and operational security
  • Making the right choices in security with clear understanding of business implications
  • Compensating controls to protect assets even if they cannot be upgraded or patched.

Cyber Security & Critical Infrastructure Protection - Intertwined
At Foreground Security, we also understand cyber security and critical infrastructure protection are intertwined to enable our clients to strengthen their organization’s security posture. Foreground maintains extensive expertise in the legislative, regulatory, and standards arena that is driving compliance in today’s federal security environments, where the security and privacy requirements of the Federal Information Security Management Act, (FISMA) and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, (HIPAA) and other mandates require diligent management and reporting.

Our approach is a proactive one that anticipates new security trends/ threats and integrates cost-effective solutions without ever disrupting business operations. With a broad portfolio of clients in both the commercial and federal government markets, Foreground Security specializes in the following cyber security solutions areas:

  • Security Assessment Services
  • Resilience Engineering
  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance
  • Secure Enterprise Solutions
  • Cyber Operations
  • Security Technology Partnerships
  • Training Education & Awareness

New security threats are coming at a fast and furious pace, and Foreground is poised to combat them. By drawing upon our arsenal of core competentices, we can tailor a security solution that perfectly suits your organization’s unique needs.