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Foreground Security strives to reduce overall risk and improve the security of the technology infrastructure and critical applications upon which a business or government agency relies. Our security services help customers understand current threats, prioritize areas of risk, and identify vulnerabilities. We accomplish this by assessing current security programs and developing an overall information security strategy based on applicable industry best practices and regulatory standards. Our experts leverage years of experience and proven methodologies to enable organizations to protect critical business assets and manage application security, compliance, infrastructure security, and product evaluation. As a result, we can help better align security investments with business strategies. We maximize return on investment by building security into programs from the early design stages through implementation.

We engage with customers in a number of ways, from global security strategy projects to focused application assessments. Depending on our customers' needs, we work independently or as a part of the customer's team. Regardless of the engagement format, one key differentiator of the Foreground Security approach is our commitment to knowledge transfer. Throughout every project and in every deliverable, we strive to ensure that our customers fully understand what we did during the engagement, what we found, and our recommendations for improvement. We also ensure our customers understand the business value of the recommendations, in terms of reduced risk and/or improved performance.