David Amsler reflects on becoming Raytheon Foreground Security

When you find yourself at the crossroads in building a company and you realize that it’s going to take more than organic growth to reach the market that you know is desperate for what you have to offer, you have to make some big decisions. I was lucky enough to be in the position of having a significant number of options. This position of strength allowed me the opportunity to find a company that would enable us to keep growing at the pace we needed to grow but would also allow me to foster the culture that I value so much. Being a member of the Raytheon family means that we have the breadth and reach of a Fortune 100’s resources, but the ability to continue to do all the things that we do best. In choosing to become part of the Raytheon family, I am confident that we have found a company that will allow us to stay true to our core values while investing in the growth that we could not achieve alone. Raytheon’s heavy investment in cyber security and commitment to innovation made them such an attractive choice for me as I made this decision. I am most excited about Raytheon’s plans to make significant investment in our capabilities and growth including development of two new cyber centers of excellence (COEs), expanding investments in our advanced threat intelligence platform (ATIP), and other advanced analytics capabilities.

We built Foreground with some very simple goals in mind:  making a mark in this industry while also changing it for the better, becoming a recognized name in cyber security, and creating a company that offered fun and challenges coupled with a strong sense of team. We did all of this with a key focus in mind; ensuring that the culture did not change despite our explosive growth. As we move forward as Raytheon Foreground Security, we will not lose sight of these core values.

Continuity and consistency are now more important than ever. I am so pleased that each member of the leadership team has made commitments to remain with Raytheon Foreground Security for multiple years. There will be changes ahead but our commitment to our culture and core values that brought us this far will remain. We have found a home in Raytheon being led by Jack Harrington, an entrepreneur, who loves his job even more than the day he sold his company to Raytheon.

It has been an emotional journey to reach this point, but our journey has only just begun. Raytheon Foreground Security is still my baby. There is still a great deal that we have to and will accomplish in the years ahead. Now we have the freedom to grow in ways we can only imagine. Jamie and I are so very appreciative of our team and our customers who helped us reach this point. We are so excited for the road that lies ahead. Raytheon Foreground Security is going to do great things.