As a rapidly growing leader in the cyber security industry, Raytheon Foreground Security is focused on building a culture that combines a healthy mix of hard work, learning, and fun with an emphasis on providing an incredibly high-level of service to our customers.

We strongly believe in the fundamental purpose of helping customers protect their information and we strive to do this in a way that matches our customers’ goals, needs and objectives.

At Raytheon Foreground Security, the active pursuit of new skills is an ongoing objective while the act of going “above and beyond” is commonplace.  How do we accomplish this?  We work closely together and push each other to be the best.  Having one of the best and most diverse sets of technical knowledge and skill sets is just the price of entry.  We expect our team to be more than just technical gurus.

What makes our people so successful?

  • Customer-focused.  Truthful, honest and never lose sight of what really matters … the complete satisfaction and success of our customers.
  • Accountability and Integrity. We deliver what we commit to and what the customer expects. Be the kind of person the customer would be proud to work with.
  • Business Understanding. Devote yourself to understanding the business realities of your clients and building trust.
  • Open-Minded and Fun-Loving. Become close to your peers. Build up their skills. Inspire each other and hold each other accountable. Have fun and celebrate even small achievements.
  • Innovative and Quick Thinking. Learn through trial and error, recognize success and see failure as an opportunity for growth. Think on your feet.
  • Desire to Learn and Grow. At Raytheon Foreground Security, no one will tell you it’s impossible -- as long as you have a reasonable dream and unreasonable passion.

What Makes Raytheon Foreground Security Different?

We believe in what we stand for. Our business goals are meaningful for everyone on the team – this makes us stronger and capable of amazing achievements. Each day, we focus on ensuring that we:

  • Believe in the vision
  • Step up and be a leader
  • Take ownership
  • Honor our commitments … and then some
  • Turn customers into raving fans
  • Inspire our peers
  • Drive innovation

If you’ve got what it takes to join our team, take a look at the list of available positions and use the contact form to apply online.

Foreground Security is an equal opportunity employer and will not discriminate against any employee or applicant on the basis of age, color, disability, gender, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, veteran status, or any classification protected by federal, state, or local law.

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